Maria Khan is a Hong Kong-based jewellery designer, now live between london and Dubai, she trained at the London College of Fashion.

Her eponymous line has always attracted a global clientele; experiences in her person life have always been at the heart of her designs and have offered her much inspiration. The pieces are as unique and global as her own life has been.

With ties to the Middle East, Pakistan, India, Hong Kong and Britain, she has been exposed to a rich variety of cultures. These influences have been at the very center of her work and are expressed through her designs. Many are drawn to the uniqueness of the pieces, each of which tell their own story to be treasuredforever.

Maria Khan Jewellery has been featured in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Elle, to name a few.

Her designs, like her experiences, have evolved over time. However, contemporary, yet understated has been her style of design since the start.